Outdoor & Indoor LED Signs & Solar LED Signs


  • 55 Watt or 200 Watt Systems
  • Portable Solar Powered LED Signs
  • Water Proof, Light Weight
  • Quick Connect Circular Connectors
  • Solar Panel Angles or off ground
  • Light weight and easy to install LED signs
  • Reduce installation cost. The LED Versatiles are only 2 lbs each.  This light weight allows for retrofitting existing sign structures instead of building a new one
  • Designed for outdoor or indoor use


The LED Versatile

The LED Versatiles are LED sign modules that can be grouped together to create large outdoor or indoor LED displays and screens.

Sign companies can now make displays with all the ergonomics that their customers want and avoid designing signage around unattractive and heavy LED enclosures.

Standard character sizes are: 7", 12" and 14". Most characters sizes are available.   Three different messages and various displaying modes including scrolling left, right, down, inverse are available.




 The LED MEGA-Tile

When designing a large outdoor LED screen, we recommend the LED MEGA-Tile.  It only takes a few of MEGA-Tiles to construct a large LED screen.

  • Dimensions: 46 in x 21 in x 1.75 in
  • Power: 10.8 watt
  • Temp: -22 ºF to 118 ºF
  • Colors: red, amber, green, blue & white


 The LED Versatile and MEGA-Tile are programmable using a full size wireless keyboard.   There is no need to program the LED tiles from a personal computer. No software needed.  Just plug them in and start typing.

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